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Original Fic!

So hey, I kinda decided to write something original for once, and it's just a little quick fake interview of a band that I role play with orestria.

Warnings: Mention of drug use, homosexuality, really awful magazine names

boykissboy is an up and coming band from the United States, signed by big-time Japanese model Dominic Maeda. Maeda has also signed Japanese band Torrential Rain. Although boykissboy is currently the only North Amnerican band on Dominic's label Battafurai, he's told us here at Out and Proud! That he plans on signing many more, 'as long as they're good' due to boykissboy's almost legendary success. Here at Out and Proud! we've had the chance to catch up with the band before they take off on their International tour.

So guys, can you tell us your names and what you do in the band, just for the masses to know
Syd: I'm Syd, I sing and write and sometimes play guitar, but only if we need two of them for a song.
Liz: I'm Liz, I play drums.
Aiden: I'd just like to point out that this is the most boring question in existance and if people really want to know who we are, they can look us up online or something.
Rafael: (laughing) And that is Aiden, he's the bitch!
they all laugh
Rafael: I'm Raf, I play the guitar. Aiden plays the bass, he's not just a diva.

So this leads right into our next question, who is the biggest diva of your band?
Aiden: Yeah, it's totally me. I'm sorry, I just like things a certain way. I don't usually get too mad about it but seriously, if you forget my m&m's for our pre-show snack, I get a little pissed off. I can't play bass without eating my delicious chocolates first.
Everyone except Aiden, who keeps a totally straight face, laughs again
Aiden: What's so funny? I'm totally serious.
Liz: He's really not serious. We're actually mostly all pretty easy going but if we had to choose one person to be our designated Diva, it's Aiden, because he takes forever to get ready.

Okay, what super special stuff do each of you bring to the band?
Aiden: I want to answer this one for everyone! Syd is a creative genius, and I don't like saying nice things about him so you need to treat this as absolute truth. He gets us all going. When we sit down with Syd, we all go into this place where we get really creative and we're all at our best. I can't always get to that place on my own but I guess seeing Syd be able to calm down enough in order to create something makes me able to do the same. I think it happens for all of us. Liz calms us all down when we need it. I know that if I'm stressed, I can just go to her and she'll listen to me and just let me vent it out. I love you, sis. Rafael brings the party, for sure. He's so fun, he's so alive and at the same time, he's super responsible. He makes sure we all get to where we're supposed to be and with him around, it's almost like we don't even need to have a tour manager, although we definitely love and appreciate ours. And me? I bring the bitch!
Syd: He's lying. He's way more than just a bitch. Aiden is like our mom. He's the one that makes sure we eat when we've been partying too much, he takes care of us when we're sick and stuff but like, he's not like a regular mom, Aiden is like a MILF, like a sexy mom. He really holds us together.
Rafael bursts into laughter
Aiden: Fuck yeah, sexy mom!

When it comes to touring, what things from home do you miss the most?
Aiden: MY BED! I hate bunks, they're too small, especially if you want someone else in them with you.

And who has been sharing your bunk with you, Aiden?
Aiden: (blushing) Well, Rafa and I are kind of... on again right now. And touring in a relationship is hard, we usually end up breaking up.

What about the rest of you?
Raf: Mama. She's always the one I miss the most, no matter what.
Syd: D'awwww you're so cute, Rafa!
Raf: (gruffly) Shut up.
Syd: I'm super mad at the only person that I would miss while on tour, so I miss no one. But, if I ever had to go anywhere without these three, or our tour manager Phil, I would be miserable.
Aiden: Oh, who's being a sap now, you sap.
Syd: You love it Aiden, admit that it makes you feel allllll fuzzy wuzzy inside.
Aiden: You got me.

We're going to have to move on now, unfortuinately. I'm sorry to ruin this magic moment but, how did you guys get your name?
Syd: Well, I kind of had the name before any of these guys joined. This has kind of always been my band, but all the original members aside from me quit after our first tour so these guys all auditioned and joined after. Originally I said that there were no girls allowed but then Liz was amazing! Anyway, I'm going on a tangent here... I like kissing boys. All of my songs were about longing to kiss boys and part of the original stage show was two boys making out during the show hence the name. Now Raf and Aiden get to do whatever they want onstage but sometimes they still make out.

Well that's interesting. Who are your main influences?
Syd: Oh my god, why don't you ask us who created the universe? This question is hard.
Aiden: Yeah, there are a lot. Like, I love bands like Taking Back Sunday and Third Eye Blind and all that sort of thing. Sometimes I listen to metal and sometimes I listen to pop. I think, and I'm speaking for all of us, that it really depends on the song as to what we're drawing on to create it. Like, Syd just wrote this awesome acoustic ballad and I can guarantee he wasn't thinking of Ke$ha when he came up with it.
Syd: Except for I totally was. My exact thoughts were 'if ke$ha were to write an amazing, heart felt ballad, how would she do it?'
Raf: Exactly, Syd and I were both listening to Tik Tok when we decided that any ballad by Ke$ha would involve some Spanish guitar.
Aiden: Well you guys totally proved me wrong.
Syd: I get ALL my inspiration from Ke$ha.
Liz: I prefer to drawn on the amazing musical prowess of 3oh!3.
(They all laugh, Syd fist bumps Liz.)

Alright, let's go with something a little less serious this time...
Liz: We were supposed to be taking this seriously?
(Syd breaks out into laughter and fist bumps her again.)

What would you do if you had a time machine?
Liz: I want to live in the 60s. Free love, drugs, peace, the Beatles. It sounds amazing.
Syd: I think I would want to go to the Sex Pistols' very first show. That shit would be amazing, I want to meet Sid Vicious. We could call ourselves Syd squared and be best friends. That dude is like, the face of punk and he couldn't even play his bass. Legendary, I tell you.
Aiden: I would go back to the Spice Girls' first tour and follow the whole thing.
Raf: You would, you fag!
Aiden: That was rude. The Spice Girls are sweet. Wait, maybe I would want to go to the 80's too, but not for the Sex Pistols, for Madonna.
Raf: You are a disgrace to all gay men, everywhere.
Aiden: And I'm proud of it!

Moving on now, are all of you gay?
Liz: They are, but I like dick. Can I say dick?
Yes, you can say dick.
Liz: Awesome. We all like dick.
Syd: I would, in fact, venture to say that I love dick.
Raf: That's definitely something we can all agree on.
Aiden: Dick.

Alright, we have one last question for you guys, now, if you weren't in this ridiculously successful band, what would you be doing?
Aiden: I would probably still be living with my parents and be miserable. Hopefully I would have finished high school and be thinking about College. I'm pretty sure Raf and I would have had a better time at staying together, without the stresses of touring and living in such close contact.
Rafael: I'd probably be still working at the record shop I was working at before.
Liz: I don't even know. It's kind of hard to guess that, isn't it?
Syd: I'd still be singing songs and writing music. This is my life. It's the only thing that makes life worth the effort.



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Mar. 24th, 2011 04:43 am (UTC)
Haha! That was great..
you shoulda linked it in the contest~
Mar. 24th, 2011 04:07 pm (UTC)
I did!
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